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Aluminum foil bubble insulation with printing

Aluminum foil bubble insulation with printing

Reflective air bubble insulation reflects heat and almost 97 percent of radiant heat rays to keep the inner atmosphere at stable temperature. Such thermal resistant bubble insulation material is actually single or multi layer polyethylene air bubbles film coated with aluminum foil or fibers from single or both of the side. The layers of air bubbles are sandwiched between pure and reflective aluminum material. It gives higher strength to the polyethylene film and also the resistance against the punctures and tears. 

1.energy-efficient,thus saving money 
2.no odor and toxicity, enviromentaly-friendly
3.light,sort,dust free,fire retardant and easy to install
4.Provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space, There is less temperature gradient both vertically(between ankle height and head height) and horizontally from exterior walls, ceilings and widows to the interior walls, thus producing a more comfortable occupant environment when outside temperatures are extremely cold or hot . 
5.Has minimal recurring expense , Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation is permanent and does not require maintenance upkeep, or adjustment. 
6.Many forms of thermal insulation also absorb noise and vibration , both coming from the outside and from other rooms inside the building , thus producing a more comfortable occupant environment