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Aluminum foil foam with bubble in both sides

Aluminum foil EPE foam with bubble
 Aluminum foil EPE foam with bubble consists of AL / +bubble+EPE+bubble/AL etc multi- layers of obstruction material. Reflective Insulation Material is an environment friendly product which has good sound absorption and insulation properties. The outer layer of PET provides excellent abrading and tears resistance. The middle layer of AL / EPE shows strong ability in barrier of moisture and oxygen, reduction and insulation of sound. The middle layer also has the advantages like reflecting light and heat and stopping the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. 

 Material structure:
type:Aluminum foil/bubble+EPE foam+bubble/Aluminum foil
type :colorful Coating/aluminum foil/colored EPE foam/woven cloth/aluminum foil insulation
Coating:the color is customzied,coating can prevent the people's eye sight when installing the products and also can make the products more durable for it can prevent the aluminum foil from be oxygenated easily.
aluminum foil: we supply 2 layers aluminum foil and 3 layers aluminum foil.3 layers is much stronger than 2 layers.
Package:PE bag,we can also print the packing as your require.

1. Aluminium Foil Insulation has no nocuous substance and accord with the standards of ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004 . It also does not generate any pollutant bringing harm to peoples health when being installed and in use. 
2. Home Insulation is a high quality material for noise reducing surface and energy-saving, which is the killer of 
noise . It insulates any noise media with the air bubble structure of closed-cell foam.. 
3. Reflective Insulation Material is light in weight. It could absorb sound, reduce noise, and provide cushioning function. 
4. foam plastic thermal insulation is water and leak proof, anti-flaming, easy to be processed and installed. 
5. Its durable in use and endurable to heat , cold and chemical reaction 

Product Name

aluminum foil bubble foam heat insulation 









Thermal Performance

Reflectivity  97%


Emissivity  0.03

Max R Value

Heat Flow Down(Roof) : 15m2 k/w


Heat Flow Horizonta(Wall) :8.2m2 k/w8


Heat Flow Up(Floor) :5.0m2 k/w

Water proof




Fire proof



PE bag and fabric for each roll


building (roof,wall etc) or applied as facing on to foam or other material