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Acoustic lagging

Acoustic Pipe Lagging Introduction:

The acoustic pipe lagging is made with 25mm thick flexible convoluted foam,2mm Mas loaded vinyl and aluminum.

The function of the foam is to provide acoustic decoupling between the pipe’s noise energy and the 5kg flexible acoustic barrier external wrap, resulting in superior performance. The external face of the barrier is bonded to an aluminum foil providing a fire resistant covering.


  1. Aluminum facing:It is uses a strong aluminum foil facing, giving improved fire resistance ,increased mechanical strength and waterproof.

  2. Mass Loaded Vinyl:The Mass loaded vinyl reduces noise through its unique construction. The specialist fillers create a heavy flexible mass barrier, maximising noise reduction. It is easy installation, essential in achieving a noise-tight seal.

  3. Convoluted foam:The foam has high performance on sound absorbing and heat insulation,made with polyurethane foam,no smell and can be fireproof.

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