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Suzhou Dezhibang Building Material CO.,LTD

DZFOIL® is a Global Supplier of High Quality Aluminum Foil Thermal Insulation & Acoustic Lagging .We Offer a Complete Line of General Insulation and Building Materials for Industrial,Comercial and Residential.

 Aluminum Foil Thermal Insulation--Insulation & Building Thermal Insulation ,Fireproof Insulation Materials for Roof insulation ,Wall Insulation ,Floor underlays,House Wrap ,ice and Pallet Bags etc

Acoustic Pipe Lagging---It Can be used Commercial Buildings-Offices etc, Hospital, Accommodation Buildings etc.

DZFOIL® use a 25mm conviluted acoustic foam with high performance 5kg/loaded polymer barrier-foil faced,It is suitable for Soil /Waste pipes and all types of ductwork. 

Both Products are fully customizable in terms of lamination ,coating ,Thickness and wight according to the customers needs . DZFOIL® Products have been already used in many projects accross many countries and comply to the most important standards required by the insulation industry.  

If you are one of our loyal clients,we thank you for having reposed your confidence in DZFOIL®,if you are looking for a partner to address your requirements related to insulation solutions,we would be delighted to become a part of your business,please contact us.



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